Development log

~ August 2014 ~

This constitutes my first development log written on this site, over the last 11 months I have heavily focused my attention on my university work and my finals, however over the last few days the page has really come a long way. I've settled on a layout, I've battled cross browser glitches and I've greatly improved my skills in Javascript and PHP.

I'm fairly happy with the design of the site, and while I know it is a little unconventional, I think it is clean and efficient and allows for bite-sized portions of information, which are easily focused on within the sea of data present. Being colour-blind, I've relied heavily on the suggestions from others on the colour scheme however I have not had a great consensus from all, and am naturally unsure of the current scheme!

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My main achievements for this build are:

  • The website is responsive, The site should be easily accessible and uncluttered on all sized screens,
  • Content is divided up into boxes, each of which can be minimised and maximised by clicking on the box's title,
  • The website 'fails gracefully', if an older browser doesn't support a feature or if Javascript is disabled the website still functions as intended.
  • The website displays correctly on all up to date browsers, old browsers are also compatible however minor cosmetic changes occur for IE versions less than 8.

~ September 2013 ~

This content has been moved over from my blogger account

I've been meaning to make a website for a very long time, I'm hoping that it will allow me to create more interactive content and provide a neater way to include extensive development logs. The website will also be a project in its own right and hopefully will act both as a portfolio for my work and a prime example of it too.

I have so far only played around with some HTML and CSS, I've also made a temporary logo in paint, the result is hideous and unhosted but I'm looking into hosting it on my dropbox or even Github!

From the image below you can see the seeds of the current design taking shape, though it is /very/ basic!

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