Hex Nations - a small, unit-less, hexagon tiled, 4x strategy game.

This is one of my oldest Java projects and has gone through a number of large changes. Recently I have focused on creating a functioning multiplayer lobby so that I can complete the game without creating an AI, which was proving to be very difficult. I've also completely completely redesigned how I want the game mechanics to work, so the result will be very different to the previous alpha versions.

Try it yourself: HexNations.jar

Source code (MIT License): Github

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If you are having trouble running the program, please try this quick guide.

What Am I Looking At?

The current version is only the multiplayer lobby, it is fairly self explanatory and anything that isn't obvious and easy to use will be when it is finished.

Devlopment Log

~ April 2012 ~

As one of my very early projects, I hadn't quite yet got to grips with version control so the earliest version I have a copy of is actually a fully developed first attempt.

The game mechanics don't really work. The game is real time and involves clicking on a tile to capture it. To capture a tile you need to have enough resources to spend on it, that tile then contributes to your economy by generating you resources and giving you more storage space too. This exponential growth is very hard for players to suitably manage and towards the end it becomes a game of who can click the fastest.

Features include:

  • Line of sight calculations, with Black for undiscovered and Grey for lost line of sight.
  • Watch towers which increase the line of sight for a specific tile.
  • Shields which reinforce a tile, making it harder for an opponent to conquer.
  • Random map generation

Missing Features:

  • Multiplayer or AI... so... yeah!
  • Win conditions.
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