About me

My name is Sebastian Troy, I'm 22 years old and I was born and raised in the south of England. During my time at university I discovered my obsession with programming; I find the creative freedom combined with hard logic completely irresistible. I've been teaching myself programming for a little over 3 years now between doing my degree and various summer jobs. I currently work for a broadcast engineering company called Phabrix as a software engineer and have been working in Java and C++.


For a more in depth description of my skills and experience, you can read my CV or find me on LinkedIn.

I am completely self taught and very adept at picking up new concepts. Having accessed tutorials and demo code from online sources, I am very good at quickly getting to grips with other peoples code and leaving coherent comments throughout my work.

The language I have most experience with is Java though I am capable of programming in C++, Python, Javascript and I am currently learning a new language called Rust. Building this website has considerably increased my skills in CSS, HTML and PHP.


My real passion is game development as I find it offers the broadest variety of challenges (in programming and beyond); challenges for which I relish developing tidy and elegant solutions. In addition to work on the problems offered by other people and media, I aspire to play a creative role in every aspect of game development as a lead designer/engineer, culminating in the founding of my own company.